Simple Pricing

Many custom homebuilders and remodelers intentionally make their pricing systems complex so you can't understand their charges. That will never be the case with Mystique Homes Inc. Our pricing is one of the simplest aspects of building your home with us. We charge a flat 15% builders fee above and beyond the cost of labor, materials, and all applicable fees associated with the building process.

This system allows the homebuyer to pick and choose any items they may want installed in their home. It prevents change orders, allowances overage, and most importantly, disagreements between the buyer and builder!

Mystique Homes will provide a rough cost estimate after going over your plans and specifications. We have found that our cost is usually much lower than attempting to build a home on your own. We carry greater purchasing power than any individual and we consistently use the same contractors on our projects lowering the overall materials and labor rate. For one of our customary energy-efficient homes the current estimated build rate for Mystique Homes is between $110 and $140 per square foot, depending on your features.

Financing options for your custom home build are plentiful. Call us for information about loan assistance at 832-279-9540.

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